A thousand seasons


As I sit and watch the beautiful colors on the trees around me I cant help but take in deep breaths of the fall air and smile.

This has always been my favorite time of the year.

For one simple reason.

That while something dies off or goes away their will always be beauty to come in another season.

In the spring the trees will grow stronger and once again give life to its leaves.

….even the ones who are worse for the wear with missing branches and broken bark will repair themselves with time and still produce the most stunning buds.

….I like to think that true love is much like that…

No matter how many seasons of torrential down pours and earth shaking lighting it has endured, once the right season arrives it will flower again.

As long as the roots are strong.

If your struggling tonight with hard times with the one who owns your heart, just know dear readers that your spring will come.

It may take many seasons to repair any damage done but the heart knows what it wants and nothing can change that.

If that person is it, well then, thats all you need to know it will be o.k.

Sometimes all it takes is letting go of your pride and just saying two simple words from the heart….

I’m sorry.

Life is short dear readers and second chances rarely come our way so we must not waste time holding on to foolish notions and building walls to lose out on those precious opportunities.

If you have the chance to love and be loved, don’t let a couple broken branches stop you from it.

Run to it!

Take as many seasons as you need to let those wounds heal.

Even if it takes a thousand years of them.

Because if its real, a thousand years will be worth every second in the end.



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One response to “A thousand seasons

  1. One day, someone will hug you so tight, that all your broken pieces will stick back together. Xo’s to you Mare!

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